What Is An Ultrasound?

Before moving on to your pregnancy decision, confirm your pregnancy with an ultrasound. It’s vital to understand where your pregnancy is located and make you aware of any complications or concerns. An ultrasound confirms three important details of your pregnancy, including:

  • Gestational age
  • Location of pregnancy
  • Viability of pregnancy

How Does An Ultrasound Work?

An ultrasound also called a sonogram, uses an imaging technique with high-frequency sound waves to reveal images of the fetus within the uterus. It evaluates the fetus’ growth and development while capturing any possible risks or problems.

In most ultrasounds, a gel-like substance is applied to your abdomen. The gel helps transmit sound waves. A hand-held device called a transducer is rubbed over the gel to record the echoes of the sound waves it picks up. It’s a simple and easy process.

Know All Your Options

Get to know all your pregnancy options before making your final pregnancy decision. An ultrasound lets you know the health of your pregnancy and what pregnancy options you are eligible for.

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