Pregnancy Testing

If you think you’re pregnant, confirm your pregnancy with a pregnancy test to know for sure. At Grace Women’s Care Center, we offer free and confidential, lab-quality pregnancy tests so you can move forward with confidence in your pregnancy journey. Schedule your free pregnancy test appointment today and learn what’s next. We’re here for you.

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Before moving on to your pregnancy decision, confirm your pregnancy with an ultrasound. It’s vital to understand where your pregnancy is located and make you aware of any complications or concerns. An ultrasound lets you know the health of your pregnancy and what pregnancy options you are eligible for. Contact our center today to receive a free and confidential ultrasound and learn more about your options! We can help.

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We offer referrals to the community for resources you may need. Plus, our free classes will get you prepared. While taking classes, you can participate in earn while you learn through Bright Course. Grace Women’s Care Center is a judgment-free environment. Our purpose is to extend loving-kindness, grace, and hope through education and support.

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You will never have this day again, so make it count.