Two little words and your whole life is changed. She said, “I’m pregnant.” Where should you begin? What should you do? Don’t panic. There are steps you can and should take. We’re here to offer some friendly advice and much-needed information. 

If She’s Pregnant, Where Do I Begin?

As surprised, scared, and angry as you are, imagine how she’s feeling. An unexpected pregnancy is serious, and you must keep a calm head on your shoulders. Try not to react in fear or anger. 

It’s essential to listen to her. Open communication is more critical now than ever. First, you need to find out if she has verified her pregnancy. A positive pregnancy test and a late period are not enough to determine a viable (growing) pregnancy. Does she have other pregnancy symptoms?

Experts state that as many as 26% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. It is possible to get a positive pregnancy test result days or even weeks following a miscarriage. You need to confirm the pregnancy with an ultrasound

Grace Women’s Care Center offers free and confidential ultrasounds when your girlfriend gets a positive result from one of our pregnancy tests. An ultrasound shows if the pregnancy is developing with a detectable heartbeat or if your girlfriend has miscarried. It also reveals how far along she is and the pregnancy’s location.

Once you verify a viable pregnancy, it is time to consider your options. You have three. You can confidently move forward by making a plan you both agree on.

What Are Our Options for an Unplanned Pregnancy?

An unplanned pregnancy seems overwhelming when first discovered. But with enough information about your options and the assistance of others, you realize much is possible.

The following are your three options: 


Abortion is the only choice that terminates a pregnancy. In Florida, a woman can receive an abortion up to the time a fetal heartbeat can be detected (usually at weeks 5 or 6). 

It’s vital to be aware of the potential physical consequences of abortion. Everything from an incomplete abortion (which requires another procedure) to infection is possible. 

If she is less than six weeks and no heartbeat is detected, she can either use the abortion pill method or have suction aspiration. The abortion pill uses two powerful drugs to terminate the pregnancy and expel it from her body. An abortion provider performs suction aspiration in a clinic.

We do not perform or refer for abortions, but we can provide you with as much information as possible.


Like abortion, making an adoption plan can be emotionally difficult. But you can build a relationship with your child as they grow.

As the birth parents, you and your girlfriend select the adoptive family who will raise your child. You and your girlfriend also choose the type of adoption plan that’s best for all of you. An open or semi-open plan allows you and your girlfriend to have contact with your child and their family. 

A closed adoption keeps all identifying information private, and you and your girlfriend remain anonymous. Adoption can be the perfect solution if you and your girlfriend are not ready to parent.


Although being a parent wasn’t planned for right now, you can be successful. With positive support, parenting education, referrals, and community resources, at Grace Women’s Care Center, you and your girlfriend will have a team of people beside you. 

If you were not planning on marrying one another, you can choose to co-parent. Single parenting is hard, but when both of you team up for the benefit of your child, it becomes easier. 

Ask about our free material support and parenting resources. We’re here to walk alongside you both.

How Do I Tell My Parents?

Telling your parents your girlfriend is pregnant has to be one of the hardest conversations there is. Choose a time when everyone is relaxed and can give you their full attention. 

Just as you’ve needed time to absorb the information, give them time. They may react with fear or anger, but you can let them know you are working with your girlfriend to find a solution. 

What About Her Emotional and Physical Changes?

Pregnancy hormones cause a woman’s body to change dramatically. Not only does she change physically, she also changes emotionally. Be prepared for her moods to swing. Support her and remind her you are there for her.

If possible, attend her health care appointments with her and offer physical assistance as the pregnancy continues. 

Will I Have to Make Lifestyle Changes?

If you and your girlfriend choose to co-parent, you will need to adjust your schedule. However, continuing school or a job while parenting is possible, so don’t automatically quit what you’ve been doing. It will just take a little more determination.

How Can Grace Women’s Care Center Assist My Girlfriend?

Although our name refers to women’s care, we are here for you, too. Contact us to schedule pregnancy confirmation and an options consultation. We’ll not only provide the information you and your girlfriend need to make a confident decision, but we’ll also offer a listening ear.

There is no judgment. We’re the place where you and your girlfriend can speak freely about your concerns and get answers to your questions. Call us today at 305-547-9342 or make an appointment online.

You will never have this day again, so make it count.