Was your experience with abortion a traumatic one? We understand how you may have reservations. Abortion, for some women, has emotional and physical side effects that they deal with months or even years later. You are not alone.

If you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy and don’t want another abortion, you have other pregnancy options, such as making an adoption plan and parenting. 

What’s Adoption Like?

Adoption has changed over the years, giving birth mothers more say in their adoption plans. There are three adoption plans to choose from, depending on what type of relationship you want with your child and the adoptive family that you select. Here are your options:

  • Open adoption: This type of adoption is the most common, as the birth mother chooses the family she wants to raise her child and keeps in contact with them. There’s an agreement between the birth mother and the adoptive family for the type of relationship and interaction between both parties and the child. 
  • Closed adoption: Sometimes, privacy is protection for a child. Due to complicated life circumstances, some women choose closed adoption. With this type of adoption, no contact is made between the mother and child. All parties’ identities are kept confidential, and the court seals adoption records.
  • Semi-open adoption: With this type of adoption plan, a birth mother can contact her child through an adoption agency. The agency helps manage communication between the birth mother, the child, and the adoptive family. All identifying information is confidential.

Is Parenting an Option for Me?

Does parenting seem like a scary word during this time? We understand, but you may be surprised by how much support and resources are available to feel equipped for the parenting journey. You may have questions when it comes to parenting, including:

  • Will my partner/family support me?
  • How do I support a child financially?
  • How do I take care of a baby?
  • Can I continue my education?

These are all valid questions, and our compassionate team at Grace Women’s Care Center is here to help you answer them and connect you to the right resources.

Talk to us to learn more about what’s available to you regarding placing your child for adoption and parenting. We have free resources to help support you in this journey and a team who would love to talk with you and help.

You will never have this day again, so make it count.