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Client Testimony

I am a single mother of a 3-year-old at only 20 year of age. At this time, I have lost custody of my son. I had a drug and alcohol addiction and was still using them during pregnancy. Note, I did not know I was expecting at the time.

My mother and I finally decided to visit Grace Women’s Care Center. I was determined to go through abortion and my mother was supportive in any decision I made.

My counselor offered a limited sonogram to determine if the pregnancy was viable.

As for the father of my unborn child, he is in jail and not part of my life any more.

Not wanting to even see the baby on the monitor, turning my head away from the images. Nothing was going to make me change my mind. Then, a rapid beat sound started to make my head turn slowly to find out what that sound was. The sonographer said, “that’s your baby’s heart beat”. Starting to get curious, I found my self viewing the monitor in awe. My heart started to soften and unexpectedly started to giggle.

Since my arrival at Graces Women’s Care Center, my life has started to take a different route.

I have stopped drinking, smoking and using drugs. I know have my families full support in receiving my baby in our lives as a blessing and helping me with preparations at home. I was blessed to have come across Grace Women’s Care Center.

As her sonographer, and being the voice for this unborn child, I was blessed in witnessing how God moved and touched her heart.

This is what the center’s mission is all about. This is why we are here. To be God’s hands and feet on this world. To share His love for us all.