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Ways to help our ministry save lives everyday

Grace Women’s Care Center cannot do what it does without you. Our prayer warriors, volunteers, supporters and donors are the reason we can continue to run this ministry and serve our beloved community with the love of Christ. We thank you for coming alongside us and help us to save more lives every day. We encourage you to stay connected with us every month as we have ongoing opportunities to pray for, to volunteer, to give, to donate, and for organizations to get involved such schools, businesses, or ministries.

As it is, there are many parts, but one body.

1 Corinthians 12:20

Enjoy these FREE beautiful downloads for your phone or tablet. We encourage you to proudly show them off to increase awareness about the Grace Women’ Care Center ministry in Miami, Florida and our efforts to save unborn lives every day. We believe that with your help, it is possible!

With Grace.

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Grace-ful Volunteer

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Not Alone


Pray for Our Center

Intercede for our center, our volunteers, our clients and their families, board members, staff, supporters and all of the unborn babies that we need to save.

Pray for the Abortion Industry

We pray for the Conviction of Abortion Clinic members everywhere.

Pray for our Leaders

In addition, we pray for our city, our county, our state, our nation and our official governmental leaders to be guided and empowered by The Holy Spirit to emit laws and regulations that would defend the sanctity of human life in the United States and that the world may follow.

Join our Prayer Call every Monday at 8:30 pm | via Zoom

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Time: Every Monday at 08:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Monthly Prayer Needs

  1. For more volunteers, especially a Sonographer technician.
  2. Grace needs a new location and storage
  3. For abortion-minded moms and families for the month of November 2020


Just a few hours a week can make an eternal difference! There are many opportunities at Grace Women’s care Center. See how you can get involved by filling out a volunteer form.

Volunteer Application
Job Application
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Volunteer Needs for the Month

  • Sonographer
  • Volunteer Advocate
  • EWYL Teacher
  • Receptionist
  • Client back to work coach
  • Education Team
  • Fundraiser Team


Consider partnering with us through a monthly or a one-time gift. We thrive on individuals, businesses, churches, and ministries support.


For Organizations

After we save an unborn life through the services we provide to our moms-to-be and/or her family, we highly encourage them to become connected to a local church. Therefore, we would love to partner with Christ based churches who would like to welcome our moms-to-be under their WINGS and hold-hands to guide them as they begin a new journey as believers in Jesus Christ. 

Through this program, we kindly ask that the partnering church assign a liaison (or group of liaisons) to welcome our Grace Women’s Care Center’s guest. The liaison would help our guest to become connected to your church, your community, your pastor and leadership team, available connect groups, available bible studies, church events, serving opportunities, classes, and everything that your wonderful church may offers to the entire congregation. The goal of our “Wing Program” is to intentionally ensure that our Grace Women’s Care Center guest find and feel at home with your church and within the body of Christ.

At the same time, the liaison(s) could be a resource for your church family regarding our center services, events, information tours, classes available, volunteer opportunities, etc.

View Additional Support Programs


Host A Class

We have a generous amount of resources of information regarding unplanned pregnancy, abortion, adoption, parenting, safe sex, STI education, fetal development, and infant milestones among other; and we would love to bring it to your organization in the shape of informative classes and workshops. We can do it in person or online. Please contact us if you, your school, business, ministry, or church would be interested to bring us in.

Baby Bottle Campaign (year-round)

Don’t miss this opportunity to help thousands of women facing pregnancy decisions, by getting your business, your school, your church, or ministry involved in one of our biggest fundraisers of the year!

We run Baby Bottle campaigns based on what works best for your organization. Pick the time that’s right for you, and we will help you plan your event.

Participating is simple:

  • Pick a start and end date for your campaign. It should last 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Order the number of baby bottles your group or church will need.
  • Announce the fundraiser to your congregation or small group. We can provide bulletin inserts, videos, and even a speaker to help you promote the campaign.
  • Distribute the bottles so people can fill them with coins, checks, or cash; then give us a call to come pick them up after the campaign ends. It’s that easy!
  • We’ll count all of the money and let you know how much your church or organization raised.

Open Houses

We believe in relationships with our local churches and together we can provide more than healing for families who choose life. We encourage you to be a part of Grace Women’s Care Center to better serve the women in our community and help them on their new journey as believers.  As you tour our center, you will discover the many facets of this lifesaving ministry.

We invite you to join us on the 3rd Friday of every Month from 11 am to 12:30 pm. However, if you have another preferred date and time, we would be happy to accommodate you and your organization. Schedule an Open House with Grace Women’s care center on the link below.